ReSharper 2016.2 Help

Opening Assemblies from NuGet Packages

ReSharper provides several ways to explore NuGet packages and assemblies they contain:

  • You can open any NuGet package from disk using the File | Open command.
  • You can load packages listed in a packages.config file in your Visual Studio project using the File | Open NuGet packages.config command.
  • You can load NuGet packages from any package source as described below.

To load assemblies from a NuGet package

  1. Choose File | Open from NuGet in the main menu or click ThemedIcon.NuGet.Screen.[Gray] on the toolbar of the Assembly Explorer Window. This will open the Open from NuGet dialog.
  2. Specify a package source. This can be a disk path or a URL where ReSharper will look for NuGet packages.
  3. Specify package filters. ReSharper will use this field to display only packages that contain the specified substring in their names.
  4. Use the check boxes to define whether you want to find latest/all and release/pre-release package versions.
  5. If the specified package source contains any packages matching the specified filter, you will see these packages in the list.
  6. Choose the desired package and click Open to load the package and all assemblies it contains to the Assembly Explorer Window. Optionally, select Load dependencies to load all dependent packages and assemblies.
Opening NuGet packages from an online package source
Last modified: 15 December 2016