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C++ support is available either with ReSharper C++ - a dedicated product that you can install separately or side by side with ReSharper, or with ReSharper Ultimate. C++ support includes C, C++03 and a part of C++11. ATL, MFC and COM projects are supported.

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Unsupported and partly supported language constructs

Unsupported C++11 features:

Unsupported extensions:

  • C++/CLI
  • C++/CX

Unsupported MS C++ extensions:

Partially supported MS C++ extensions:

Unsupported MS preprocessor extensions:

Disabling ReSharper's code analysis engine with the __RESHARPER__ macro

If some C++ construct is not supported by ReSharper's code analysis engine or parsed incorrectly, you can disable ReSharper for this code with the __RESHARPER__ macro, i.e:

#ifndef __RESHARPER__ // This code will not be visible to ReSharper #endif

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Last modified: 15 December 2016