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Errors/Warnings in Solution window

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The Errors/Warnings in Solution window displays the list of solution-wide errors that were discovered during solution-wide analysis.

Errors/Warnings in solution window

Toolbar Controls

solution_analysis Analyze Errors in Solution Toggles solution-wide analysis on/off. For more information, see Enabling Solution-Wide Analysis
Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Pause_Analysis Pause Analysis Puts the analysis process on hold until you click Continue Analysis Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Continue_Analysis. For more information, see Configuring Solution-Wide Analysis.
Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Continue_Analysis Continue Analysis Resumes analysis after it was put on hold by pressing Pause Analysis Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Pause_Analysis. For more information, see Configuring Solution-Wide Analysis.
ThemedIcon.Warning.Screen.[Gray] Include/Exclude Warnings

Use this button to enable/disable warnings in solution-wide analysis.

By default, solution-wide analysis monitors errors and warnings in your solution: as long as there are errors in the solution, only errors will be displayed; unresolved warnings will appear when the last error is fixed. If you only want to monitor errors, you can disable warnings; in this case, the status bar indicator will turn green as soon as the last error is fixed.

Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Ignore_Errors Ignore Errors Excludes selected errors (or all errors in a selected file) from the list of found errors (or strikes them through if Show Ignored Errors is switched on). For more information, see Ignoring Errors/Warnings in Solution.
Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Stop_Ignoring_Errors Stop Ignoring Errors Shows or previously ignored errors (or removes strikethrough if Show Ignored Errors is switched on). For more information, see Ignoring Errors/Warnings in Solution.
Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Show_Ignored_Errors Show Ignored Errors Makes ignored errors visible but strikes them through.
Reference__Windows__Errors_in_Solution__Reanalyze_Files_with_Errors Reanalyze Files with Errors Launches the process of reanalyzing files where errors were previously found.
ThemedIcon.Export.Screen.[Gray] Export Click this button to export the data currently displayed in the window in text format, or use the drop-down selector to export the data in XML or HTML format. The Export Data Dialog that appears, will help you to save the data to a file or copy it to the clipboard.

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Last modified: 15 December 2016