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Configuring Solution-Wide Analysis

The main calculations of the solution-wide analysis are performed when you first enable this option. Depending on the size of your solution, these calculations may take from several seconds up to dozens of minutes. You will still be able to keep working, but some performance degradation is possible.

Once these global time-consuming calculations are finished, only necessary incremental analysis will be performed according to modifications.

When enabled, solution-wide analysis might also extensively use memory. If you notice that your system resources suffer too much, you can do one of the following:

Pausing/resuming solution-wide analysis

If you turn the solution-wide analysis off and then decide to turn it on again, ReSharper will have to repeat some initial calculations, which may be time-consuming. To avoid this, you can pause and resume the solution-wide analysis instead.

To pause and resume solution-wide analysis

  • On the toolbar of the Errors/Warnings in Solution window, click Pause Analysis /help/img/dotnet/2016.3/ThemedIcon.SolutionAnalysisPause.Screen.[Gray].png or Continue Analysis /help/img/dotnet/2016.3/ThemedIcon.SolutionAnalysisContinue.Screen.[Gray].png.
  • Right-click on the circle indicator in the right corner of the status bar and then choose Pause Analysis or Continue Analysis in the context menu.

Including/excluding warnings in solution-wide analysis

By default, solution-wide analysis monitors errors and warnings in your solution: as long as there are errors in the solution, only errors will be displayed; unresolved warnings will appear when the last error is fixed. If you only want to monitor errors, you can disable warnings; in this case, the status bar indicator will turn green as soon as the last error is fixed.

To include/exclude warnings in solution-wide analysis

  • On the toolbar of the Errors/Warnings in Solution window, click Include/Exclude Warnings /help/img/dotnet/2016.3/ThemedIcon.Warning.Screen.[Gray].png.
  • On the Code Inspection | Settings page of ReSharper options, use the Include warnings check-box under Enable solution-wide analysis.
Last modified: 12 October 2017

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