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Syntax Highlighting

ReSharper extends the default Visual Studio's symbol highlighting. Additionally, it highlights fields, local variables, types, and other identifier with configurable colors. For example, ReSharper syntax highlighting allows you to easily distinguish between local variables and fields in your code.

The default syntax highlighting for C# looks as follows:


To toggle ReSharper syntax highlighting

  1. Open the Code Inspection | Settings page of ReSharper options.
  2. Use the Color Identifiers check box to enable or disable ReSharper syntax highlighting.
  3. Click Save to apply the modifications and let ReSharper choose where to save them, or save the modifications to a specific settings layer using the Save To drop-down list. For more information, see Managing and Sharing ReSharper Settings.

For guidelines on how to configure fonts and colors for ReSharper syntax highlighting, see Configuring Fonts and Colors.

This feature is supported in the following languages/technologies:

The instructions and examples given here address the use of the feature in C#. For details specific to other languages, see corresponding topics in the ReSharper by Language section.

Last modified: 12 October 2017

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