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Localization Assistance

The most familiar ReSharper features are available for the internationalization of your solution when you work with resource files (.resx) and resource usages in C# and VB.NET code, as well as in ASP.NET and XAML markup.

ReSharper's code inspection detects strings that can be localized, problems in resource files and more. For most of the issues, it provides one or more quick-fixes.

With ReSharper, you can navigate between cultures up and down the culture hierarchy, from code files and from resource files. ReSharper prompts what a resource entry overrides and where it is overridden.

There is a number of resource-related refactorings, such as Move to Resource refactoring, Rename Resource refactoring, Inline Resource refactoring, etc.

An icing on the cake of localization assistance is the support of Code Completion (IntelliSense) and Quick Documentation features for resources.

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Last modified: 12 October 2017

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