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Navigation and Search in Visual Basic .NET

All ReSharper's navigation and search features available in C# are also supported in Visual Basic.NET. You can find the detailed information on these features in the corresponding topics of the Navigation and Search section.

In this topic, you can find some examples of using navigation and search features in Visual Basic.NET:


  • File Structure helps overview the structure of the current file that is open and active in the editor.

    Double-click a node in the File Structure window to navigate to the declaration of the selected member. Moreover, use context menu to apply navigation and search features, and refactorings as well right from the current window.
  • Type Hierarchy helps overview the inheritance hierarchy of a type.

    Double-click a node in the Hierarchy window to navigate to the declaration of the selected type. Moreover, use context menu to apply search features and refactoring right from the current window.
  • Various "Go To..." features such as: Go to Everything/Type, Go to Symbol, Go to File Member, etc. work for VB.NET as well.
  • The Navigate To drop-down list is also available and helps you navigate to various destinations.
  • Navigating to External Sources from VB.NET works just as well as from C#.
  • ReSharper adds special marks to left gutter that help navigate to overriding, implementing or hiding members.


  • Find Usages and Find Usages Advanced features help you locate all usages of namespaces, types, methods, etc. in your source code. Applying the Find Usages feature is the quickest way to find all code usages in the solution.

    If you need more flexible search, use the Find Usages Advanced feature. It gives you an opportunity to find textual occurrences and extend the search scope, for a example.
  • The Highlight Usages in File feature helps focus your attention at a particular member or local variable and its occurrences. Note that write accesses are highlighted in red, and read accesses are highlighted in blue.

    Moreover, you can highlight usages of namespaces. Place the caret at Imports directive and invoke the feature, ReSharper highlights all symbols that depend on the namespace.
  • Find Code Dependent on Module helps find dependencies on a specific project or assembly reference.

    Find Symbols External to Scope helps find usages of any symbols external to a certain scope.
  • Search with Pattern enables you to define a code pattern and find pieces of code that match the pattern. For instance, if you want to find all usages of TryCast statement in your project, use the following search pattern:

    As a result, multiple different usages are found:
Last modified: 12 October 2017

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