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Predefined Live Templates for Global Usage

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This topic lists all predefined live templates for Global Usage in ReSharper 2017.1 EAP 8. For more information about live templates, see Creating Source Code Using Live Templates


Current file context

Scope everywhere




  • CTX - Provides list of items describing current context. This includes file name, containing type name, namespace name, etc. (context)

This could be useful:

  • In string literals that contain references to the current context, i.e. Logger.LogError("Cannot find action ActionNameDerivedFromContext");
  • As an alternative to code completion where IntelliSense doesn't work properly - for example, in comments when documenting a member with a long name (see example below).

Before expansion


Expansion options


Insert new GUID

Scope everywhere




  • GUID - Generates new Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) (guid)

Before expansion


After expansion

Last modified: 12 October 2017