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In this page, you can adjust some preferences that affect performance of processing C++ code.

Maximum concurrency of cache tasks By default, the maximum concurrency of cache tasks is unlimited, that is, ReSharper will use all available CPU cores for building caches in background.
You may need to limit this number if you experience performance problems (lags on non-responsive UI), which may be related to background caches consuming too much memory thus triggering GC too often.
Reindex includers after preprocessor directives in an includee changed By default, ReSharper does not reindex includers of a header file when preprocessor directives inside the header are changed. This helps improve performance, but it might also lead to stale symbols cached for includer files.
This check box enables reindexing, which makes resolved dependencies more precise at the cost of possible performance degradation.
Last modified: 16 April 2018