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Tabs, Indents, Alignment

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This page helps you specify how ReSharper should format indents in your code when you type or when you reformat existing code.

By default, ReSharper uses Visual Studio preferences for tabs and indents (Tools | Options | Text Editor | All Languages | Tabs and Tools | Options | Text Editor | [language] | Tabs). However, if you prefer to share formatter preferences with your team using ReSharper's layered settings, you can clear the Use indent style and size from Visual Studio check box, and then configure and save your indentation preferences to the team-shared setting layer.

If there are .editorconfig files that affect your solution, preferences on this page could be overridden by EditorConfig styles. You will see a yellow warning if at least one preference on a page is overridden by EditorConfig styles for the current file, each overridden preference will also be highlighted with yellow. For example:

Code formatting options overridden by EditorConfig styles

Last modified: 16 April 2018