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Code Inspections in CSS

In CSS, ReSharper 2018.1 provides 22 proprietary code inspections, any of which you can disable or change its severity level.
These code inspections help you detect code issues in design time in all open files, and additionally they allow you to find code issues in specific scope.

Configurable CSS inspections are listed below, grouped by their categories.

Common Practices and Code Improvements (1 inspection)

This category groups inspections that hunt for medium severity issues that mainly affect code readability.
Inspection ID EditorConfig property Default severity
Two colons preferred DoubleColonsPreferred resharper_double_colons_preferred_highlighting Suggestion

Potential Code Quality Issues (17 inspections)

This category includes inspections that detect critical issues (code smells), mostly with Error or Warning level. This category also includes inspections that ensure localization assistance.
Inspection ID EditorConfig property Default severity
Cannot resolve file system path PathNotResolved resharper_path_not_resolved_highlighting Error
CSS feature is not supported by a specific browser CssCaniuseUnsupportedFeature resharper_css_caniuse_unsupported_feature_highlighting Hint
CSS feature requires vendor prefix for a specific browser CssCaniuseFeatureRequiresPrefix resharper_css_caniuse_feature_requires_prefix_highlighting Hint
CSS symbol / syntax is not compatible with a specific browser CssBrowserCompatibility resharper_css_browser_compatibility_highlighting Warning
CSS symbol is obsolete CssObsolete resharper_css_obsolete_highlighting Hint
Invalid hexadecimal value of color HexColorValueWithAlpha resharper_hex_color_value_with_alpha_highlighting Error
Invalid value InvalidValue resharper_invalid_value_highlighting Error
Property does not override vendor-prefixed property CssPropertyDoesNotOverrideVendorProperty resharper_css_property_does_not_override_vendor_property_highlighting Warning
Requires fallback color RequiresFallbackColor resharper_requires_fallback_color_highlighting Warning
Syntax is not allowed in specified CSS version SyntaxIsNotAllowed resharper_syntax_is_not_allowed_highlighting Warning
Two colons expected DoubleColonsExpected resharper_double_colons_expected_highlighting Error
Unknown CSS class UnknownCssClass resharper_unknown_css_class_highlighting Warning
Unknown CSS symbol CssNotResolved resharper_css_not_resolved_highlighting Error
Unknown custom property UnknownCssVariable resharper_unknown_css_variable_highlighting Warning
Unknown vendor-specific extension UnknownCssVendorExtension resharper_unknown_css_vendor_extension_highlighting Hint
Value is unexpected UnexpectedValue resharper_unexpected_value_highlighting Error
Value should have units ValueShouldHaveUnits resharper_value_should_have_units_highlighting Error

Redundancies in Code (3 inspections)

Code inspections in this category look for redundancies and dead code, which affect code readability and style, and could be safely removed. Some code redundancies cannot be fixed automatically, and quick-fixes for them are performed in the interactive mode, requiring the user input. But the majority of the redundancies can be fixed without user interaction, using either fix in scope or code cleanup.
Inspection ID EditorConfig property Default severity
Redundant code Redundant resharper_redundant_highlighting Warning
Redundant CSS hack RedundantCssHack resharper_redundant_css_hack_highlighting Warning
Redundant measure unit RedundantUnits resharper_redundant_units_highlighting Warning

Redundancies in Symbol Declarations (1 inspection)

This category includes code inspections, mostly with the warning severity level, which detect empty and unused symbol declarations.
Inspection ID EditorConfig property Default severity
Declaration is empty DeclarationIsEmpty resharper_declaration_is_empty_highlighting Warning
Last modified: 20 August 2018