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Code Inspections in Resource files

In Resource files, ReSharper 2018.1 provides 10 proprietary code inspections, any of which you can disable or change its severity level.
These code inspections help you detect code issues in design time in all open files, and additionally they allow you to find code issues in specific scope.

Configurable Resource files inspections are listed below, grouped by their categories.

Potential Code Quality Issues (8 inspections)

This category includes inspections that detect critical issues (code smells), mostly with Error or Warning level. This category also includes inspections that ensure localization assistance.
Inspection ID EditorConfig property Default severity
Cannot resolve symbol ResxNotResolved resharper_resx_not_resolved_highlighting Warning
Duplicate resource name DuplicateResource resharper_duplicate_resource_highlighting Warning
Element is localizable LocalizableElement resharper_localizable_element_highlighting Warning
Format string placeholders mismatch FormatStringPlaceholdersMismatch resharper_format_string_placeholders_mismatch_highlighting Warning
Resource is not declared in base culture NotDeclaredInParentCulture resharper_not_declared_in_parent_culture_highlighting Warning
Resource is not overridden in specific culture NotOverriddenInSpecificCulture resharper_not_overridden_in_specific_culture_highlighting Warning
Resource overrides base resource with empty value OverriddenWithEmptyValue resharper_overridden_with_empty_value_highlighting Warning
Resource value type is invalid InvalidValueType resharper_invalid_value_type_highlighting Warning

Redundancies in Code (2 inspections)

Code inspections in this category look for redundancies and dead code, which affect code readability and style, and could be safely removed. Some code redundancies cannot be fixed automatically, and quick-fixes for them are performed in the interactive mode, requiring the user input. But the majority of the redundancies can be fixed without user interaction, using either fix in scope or code cleanup.
Inspection ID EditorConfig property Default severity
Redundant string type RedundantStringType resharper_redundant_string_type_highlighting Suggestion
Resource is overridden with identical value OverriddenWithSameValue resharper_overridden_with_same_value_highlighting Suggestion
Last modified: 20 August 2018