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Context Actions for TypeScript

ReSharper provides the following context actions for TypeScript:

Change visibility modifier Changes visibility of class and module members
Convert field to parameter-property Introduces parameter-property declared as a constructor parameter from class field
Convert 'if' to 'switch' for enums If a variable is subsequently checked in 'if's with enum values, that may be replaced with a switch
Convert member assigned by a lambda expression to function member Type member, which is assigned by a lambda expression, generally may be converted to function member. Not guaranteed to work correctly if you have implicit method invocations via 'apply'.
Convert parameter-property to field Introduces field from parameter-property declared in constructor
Create derived type Creates class that implements interface or inherits class.
Create From Usage Creates class, interface, enum, module, member function or member property from usage For more information, see generating code from usage.
Create overload without parameter Creates overload signature with an absence of specified parameter. Subsequent parameters in the main signature may be marked as optional if needed.
Create paired accessor Creates paired accessor for currently implemented one
Dotted name to nested module Create nested module for dotted name segment. For example, converts 'module A.B.C' to 'module 'A.B' with nested module 'C'.
Import type or type element Imports modules, classes, variable, interfaces, enums declared somewhere else
Inline type alias Inlines a type alias, i.e. replaces it's usages with corresponding type and removes type alias declaration
Introduce type alias Introduces a new type alias for selection.
Match file name with type name Renames current file to match the name of the only top-level type declared therein.
Move type to another file to match its name Moves current type to another file so that its name matches the name of the type.
Nested module to dotted name Merges nested single exported module as dotted name. For example, converts 'module A.B' with nested exported 'module C' to 'module A.B.C'.
Replace alias with qualifier Replace alias with fully qualified name
Specify return type explicitly Specify function return type explicitly if it may be derived from returned values
Specify type explicitly Specify variable type explicitly for declaration with assignment
Last modified: 20 August 2018

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