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On this page, you can adjust the way code inspection works in C++.



Enable C++/CLI support

By default, ReSharper will work in C++/CLI code. If you notice some problems there, you can disable this feature.

Show popups for import actions

If you use a symbol that is defined in the standard libraries or elsewhere in your solution, ReSharper helps you add the missing #include directives automatically:

ReSharper: helps adding missing C++ includes automatically

If the checkbox is not selected, the corresponding action will be available in the action list on Alt+Enter.

Enable inspections, quick fixes and context actions in files external to the solution

By default, code inspection, quick-fixes, and context actions are available in all solution files. If necessary, you can enable these features in external files referenced from solution with this checkbox.

Color identifiers

This option enables extended highlighting of C++ syntax. There are 20 identifier types that you can highlight differently. You can change colors and fonts at any time in Visual Studio options (Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors).

Configuring syntax highlighting for C++ identifiers

Replace Visual Studio tooltip

This option lets you replace Visual Studio symbol tooltips, which appear when you hover the mouse over code symbols in the editor (quick info), with ReSharper tooltips.

You may want to disable this option if you prefer to see native Visual Studio tooltips or if you use Productivity Power Tools extension.

This option is enabled by default because ReSharper tooltip provides better syntax highlighting and symbol documentation:

ReSharper: Editor tooltip in C++
Show gutter icons

By default, ReSharper adds action indicators (gutter icons) that provide quick access to navigation and other actions.
In some cases, there may be too many of these indicators and you may want to disable them:

ReSharper's action indicators (gutter marks in a C++ file
The most frequently appearing action indicator is Navigate to declaration/definition ThemedIcon Switch Screen Gray , so you can either disable only this action or hide all action indicators.

Severity of inspections inside template code
Treat resolve errors as warnings in template code

This option lets you decrease severity of errors in C++ templates. By default, this option is enabled. You may want to leave it enabled for two reasons:

  • Visual Studio does not compile unused C++ templates. Thus, if this option is not enabled, you may see errors in perfectly compilable code.

  • Visual Studio compiler works not exactly the same as the C++ standard prescribes. Therefore, this option allows you not to highlight errors that that are possibly ignored by the Visual Studio compiler.

Last modified: 18 November 2019