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Editor Appearance

ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Appearance

This page of ReSharper options allows you to adjust how the ReSharper's features appear in the editor.


Highlight current line

Select this checkbox to allow the current line to be highlighted as you work with the code.

You can set the color of the highlight in the Visual Studio options, by choosing Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors and adjusting options for the ReSharper Current Line display item.

Highlight matching delimiters

When this checkbox is selected, any closing delimiter (bracket, brace, parenthesis or quote) is highlighted when the caret is:

  • Immediately to the left of the corresponding opening delimiter if you selected at outer side.

  • At any side of the opening delimiter if you selected at both sides.

You can also use the Highlight with radio buttons to choose one of two ways to highlight matching brackets and quotes: with color or with slightly less distinguishable outlines.

For more information, see Highlight Matching Delimiters.

Action Indicators

Enable action bar...Shows or hides the Action Bar.
Action indicator appearance

You can choose the way action indicators appears in the editor.

  • Show in the action bar (available only if the action bar is enabled) - all indicators appear in the action bar.

  • Show closer to code- the context-sensitive indicators (quick-fixes, context actions, and so on) appear in the text editor area to the left of the current line, while the fixed indicators (hierarchy navigation, unit tests) are shown either on the action bar (if it is enabled) or in the left margin of the editor.

  • Do not show- the context-sensitive indicators are not shown at all, while the fixed indicators are shown either on the action bar (if it is enabled) or in the left margin of the editor. This option is for experienced users who can guess when to press Alt+Enter to invoke the action list.

Marker Bar

The radio buttons allow choosing how to display the marker bar.

Markers width (only available since Visual Studio 2013)These radio buttons allow choosing relative width of the markers on the marker bar. They only apply when the Integrate into enhanced scroll bar (since Visual Studio 2013) option is selected.

Gutter Marks

Show gutter navigation marks for implemented and overridden members

When a type or a member has inheritors in the current solution, you can see it by the presence of a special icon (for example, Themed icon has overrides screen gray) that appears to the left of the declaration. You can click the icon to expand the list of derived symbols and navigate.

ReSharper: Gutter action for navigation to derived symbols

To detect inheritors of members on the fly and to display the corresponding gutter mark, ReSharper has to perform some calculations. Large inheritance hierarchies with the combination of weak hardware could lead to some performance degradation. If this is the case, you can clear this checkbox to avoid complex calculations and thus improve performance.
On the other hand, on-the-fly calculation of type inheritors is much cheaper performance-wise and therefore is not disabled.

If you choose to disable the gutter marks, you can always use explicit navigation commands — Go to Derived Symbols Alt+Control+B and Go to Implementation Control+Shift+Alt+B— to study derived members, or visually explore full inheritance hierarchy of the current member.

C++, C, HLSL

Highlight usages of the element under cursorSelect this option to automatically highlight usages of the element under the caret as you move through your code. Since this feature is also provided by Visual Studio’s IntelliSense, ReSharper’s highlighting is turned off by default.
Last modified: 08 March 2021