ReSharper 2021.1 Help

Search by Name

ReSharper can bring you to any code item or file or even any matching text in a few keystrokes. The scope of the navigation includes symbols and files in your entire solution as well as all assemblies referenced in the projects of your solution.

Find code items in your solution by the name

  1. To use the unified access to all search results, press Control+N to display a popup where you can start typing and find code items in your solution that matches your input.

  2. If you want to limit your search to types (classes, interfaces, structs or enums), press Control+N twice.

  3. If you want to find anything by a plain textual match, press Control+N three times.

  4. If you want to search symbols (types, methods, properties, fields, and so on) - press Shift+Control+Alt+N.

  5. You can also limit the search to files in your solution by pressing Shift+Control+N.

  6. ReSharper also lets you jump to types and type members in the current file by typing their names after pressing Control+F12.

  7. After invoking any of the above commands, start typing the target item, its CamelHumps abbreviation, and/or wildcards. The list of matched items will narrow down as you type and the most probable candidates are shown closer to the top of the list.

  8. As soon as the target item appears in the list, you can choose it to open it in the editor. To view and analyze the list of matched items in the Find Results window, click Show in Find Results Themed icon search results screen gray, press Shift+Enter or + on the numeric keypad.

ReSharper can remember the last input that you used to find something with Search Everywhere/Go to Type, Go to Symbol, Go To File, and Go to Text actions. To enable or disable this behavior, use the Remember last search checkbox on the Environment | Search and Navigation page of ReSharper options. When this option is selected, ReSharper will also use your current selection in the editor as the initial search query. For example, you can select a filename in a string and then press Shift+Control+N to search for files in your solution that match this name.

Last modified: 08 March 2021