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Create/Edit Pattern dialog

ReSharper | Options | Tools | To-do Items | Patterns | Create/Edit

Using this dialog, you can edit patterns for To-do items in your code.

ReSharper: Edit to-do pattern dialog
NameIn this field, specify a name for the pattern.
PatternIn this field, enter a regular expression that will match the pattern in the code.
URLIn this field, you can optionally specify a URL, which will be added to items that match the pattern:
ReSharper. To-do link to GitHub issue from the comment
IconIn this list, select an icon to denote matching to-do items in the To-do Explorer window.
Case sensitiveSelect this checkbox to look for matching to-do items considering their case.
In commentsSelect this checkbox to look for to-do items in comments. Example:
// TODO: this needs cleaning up
In stringsSelect this checkbox to look for to-do items in string literals. For example:
[Ignore("TODO: RSRP-67377")][Test] public void test07() { DoNamedTest(); }
In identifiersSelect this checkbox to look for to-do items in names of methods, variables, fields, and other identifiers. For example:
throw new NotImplementedException();
Last modified: 08 March 2021