ReSharper 2021.1 Help

Context Actions for ASP.NET

ReSharper provides the following context actions for ASP.NET:

Add attributes for image dimensionsAdds image's width and height attributes
Add CodeBehind fileAdd CodeBehind file
Convert tagConvert tag and vice versa
Create eventCreates event
Create methodCreates method
Create ObjectDataSource's methodCreates ObjectDataSource's method
Create property from attributeCreates property from attribute
Create property from sub-propertyCreates property from sub-property
Import typeImports type
Merge server scripts contentMerge server scripts content
Move html to resourceMoves selection html to resource
Move server script content to codebehindMove server script content to codebehind
Remove CodeBehind fileRemove CodeBehind file
Remove directive attributeRemoves directive attribute
Reorder directive attributesReorders directive attributes alphabetically
Last modified: 08 March 2021