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Code Analysis

Code inspections

In addition to hundreds of code inspections that check general aspects of C++ code, there are some inspections that are specific to Unreal Engine projects.

Unreal Engine (14 inspections)

Inspections in this category are specific to C++ code of Unreal Engine projects.
InspectionDefault severity
Action with this name does not existWarning
Axis with this name does not existWarning
BlueprintCallable function can be made constHint
BlueprintCallable function can be made staticHint
C++ standard library headers not foundError
Inconsistent UE4 NamingHint
Inconsistent UE4 UClass NamingError
Non-UProperty object member can be garbage collected at any timeWarning
Objects stored in non-uproperty member can be garbage collected at any timeWarning
Specified version of the engine project is not foundError
UFUNCTION macro call before declaration has no effectWarning
Unreal Engine source file without predefined Unreal macrosWarning
Unreal Engine version file doesn't existError
UPROPERTY macro call before declaration has no effectWarning

UnrealHeaderTool integration

UnrealHeaderTool is a parsing and code-generation tool for Unreal Engine. In the Unreal Engine code compilation workflow, the tool parses the C++ header files, looking for Unreal related macros and metadata, and uses this to generate additional code to support the UObject system, such as reflection and networking.

ReSharper provides seamless integration with UnrealHeaderTool: the first time you build the Unreal Engine project, ReSharper finds the UnrealHeaderTool used for the code compilation and can then run the tool in the background as a separate process to check the file you are editing and show the same errors and warnings that you would normally see at compile time. The code analysis results are displayed right in the editor, just like other ReSharper's inspections.

ReSharper runs UnrealHeaderTool only on the file that is currently open, and the process is optimized to have a minimal impact on overall performance.

Watch this video for the integrated UnrealHeaderTool inspections in action:

UnrealHeaderTool inspections

UnrealHeaderTool can detect lots of different issues with your code, such as using a specific meta tag without the required reflection specifier, using the GENERATED_BODY macro in a private scope, when an invalid entity is exposed to a blueprint, and a lot more. Here are some examples:

  • Missing reflection specifiers on a UFUNCTION.

    UnrealHeaderTool Error: 'reliable' or 'unreliable' is required

  • Using the UFUNCTION macro inside a struct.

    UnrealHeaderTool Error: USTRUCTs cannon contain UFUNCTIONs

  • Invalid BlueprintType enum base.

    UnrealHeaderTool Error: Currently only uint8 supported

To distinguish between UnrealHeaderTool checks and ReSharper’s inspections, you can look at the name of the check in square brackets, appended to the inspection message.

Configuring UnrealHeaderTool inspections

All UnrealHeaderTool inspections have corresponding configurable severity levels, which can be adjusted to meet your needs.

As with the built-in inspections, you can use the inspection context menu to quickly change the severity of an UnrealHeaderTool check, suppress it via a comment (in specific scope or globally), or find and investigate all similar issues.

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Last modified: 06 April 2021