ReSharper 2021.2 Help

Specify license information

ReSharper is a commercial software product, protected by copyright under international law. Each copy of the product requires a license.

For new users, ReSharper offers a 30-day free evaluation period. During this period, you can enjoy the full functionality of the product and decide whether it suits your needs. The evaluation period can be paused and resumed with the Pause/Resume Evaluation button in the License Information dialog. The dialog will also show how many days are left on your evaluation.

If you decide to use the product after the evaluation period, you need to obtain a license at ReSharper website and specify the license information in one of the following ways:

  • All personal and commercial licenses for JerBrains products can be managed through the JetBrains Account, which can be used as a way of specifying licensing information.

  • All personal and commercial licenses can be specified with a license key.

  • For corporate clients, ReSharper allows storing and distributing license tickets through JetBrains License Server. The server allows enterprises to establish limited or unlimited number of product licenses and distribute them within the corporate network. The benefit of this approach is that as soon as the user closes the application, their license ticket returns automatically to the server and becomes available for other users.

Specify your license information

  1. In the main menu, choose ReSharper | Help | License Information.

  2. In the License Information dialog that opens, use the check boxes to specify one or more licensing options (you may need several options in case you have several JetBrains .NET products licensed in different ways):

    • Use JB Account- select this option if you have ReSharper licenses bound to your JetBrains account.

      To specify your account, click Add Account Themed icon added parameter screen gray, then, in the dialog that appears, enter your account credentials and click Log In. After successful login, ReSharper will display the available licenses. If necessary, you can clear the check boxes next to the licenses that you do not want to use.

      Note that you should be connected to the Internet when specifying your JetBrains account credentials. After successful login, the Internet connection is not required.

    • Use License Keys- select this option if you have a license key for ReSharper.

      To specify your license key, click Add License Key Themed icon added parameter screen gray, then, in the dialog that appears, enter your username and the license key and click Add. If the license is valid, you will see the corresponding message.

    • Use License Server- select this option if your company uses JetBrains License Server to distribute licenses.

      If the license server is in your local network, ReSharper would normally detect this server. In case the server is not detected automatically, click Add License Server Themed icon added parameter screen gray, then, in the dialog that appears, specify the server URL and click Add. If ReSharper licenses are available on the server, you will see the corresponding message.

  3. As soon as a valid product license becomes available through any of the licensing options, a green check mark appears next to the product with the details of the license.

  4. Click Close to apply the selected licensing option and close the dialog.

Last modified: 16 November 2021