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Paste Items from Clipboard History

With ReSharper, you can access your clipboard history and quickly paste any of the recent items copied to the clipboard. ReSharper starts recording copied items to its clipboard history as soon as you start Visual Studio and clears the history when you close it.

Paste an item from clipboard history

  1. Place the caret at the position to insert one of the recently copied items.

  2. Press Control+Shift+V or choose ReSharper | Edit | Paste… from the main menu . Alternatively, you can press Control+Shift+A, start typing the command name in the popup, and then choose it there.

  3. ReSharper will show you the list of items that you have copied since Visual Studio start.

    ReSharper: Pasting items from clipboard history
  4. Do one of the following:

    • Start typing any substring from copied elements to display items containing this substring.

    • Use the up and down keys to navigate through the items, previewing them in a popup.

    • To study clipboard items in a dialog, click Show in modal dialog Themed icon search results screen gray, press Shift+Enter on the numeric keypad .

  5. If you choose to study clipboard items in a dialog, you can paste any item by pressing the number or letter that is displayed next to it. To see the full text of copied blocks, you can switch between them with arrow keys or click them. To paste the selected item, press Enter or click Paste.

    Pasting items from clipboard history
  6. To clear the clipboard history, click Clear in the dialog.

This feature is supported in the following languages and technologies:

Language: C#

Language: VB.NET

Language: C++

Language: HTML

Language: ASP.NET

Language: Razor

Language: JavaScript

Language: TypeScript

Language: CSS

Language: XML

Language: XAML

Language: Resx

Language: Build Scripts

Language: Protobuf

Language: JSON

Feature is available in C#

Feature is available in Visual Basic .NET

Feature is available in C++

Feature is available in HTML

Feature is available in ASP.NET

Feature is available in Razor

Feature is available in JavaScript

Feature is available in TypeScript

Feature is available in CSS

Feature is available in XML

Feature is available in XAML

Feature is available in Resource files

Feature is available in build script files

Feature is available in Protobuf

Feature is available in JSON

The instructions and examples given here address the use of the feature in C#. For details specific to other languages, see corresponding topics in the ReSharper by language section.

Last modified: 07 April 2022