ReSharper 2021.3 Help

Code templates

ReSharper code templates let you to quickly generate predefined code constructs. There are many templates for various languages that are provided ready to use, but you can also create new templates, edit existing ones, and easily manage them. In addition, ReSharper allows teams of developers to share their custom templates.

All aspects of ReSharper's code templates are described in detail in the following topics:

Most of ReSharper's code templates features are available in C# and Visual Basic .NET, some are available in several languages, others are language-specific. The table below lists all code templates features and languages/technologies where they are supported.

The instructions and examples given in the topics within this section address the use of code templates features in C#. For more information on code templates features available for specific languages, see the corresponding topics in the ReSharper by language section.

Last modified: 07 April 2022