ReSharper 2022.1 Help

Validate Regular Expression dialog

As its name suggests, this dialog helps validating regular expressions by playing with various test inputs.

The dialog appears in two cases:

  • If you choose to validate a regular expression in your source code, the dialog opens with the current regular expression.

  • If you open it from the menu ReSharper | Tools | Validate Regular Expression, the dialog appears empty allowing you to specify both the expression and the test input.

Validate Regular Expression window

The dialog has the following controls:

Regular Expression

Here you can view and edit the regular expression that you validate.


This combo box allows you to set the regular expression options that will be used when validating your expression against the test input in this dialog.

Test input

Here you can type anything to test your regular expression. The matches in the input are highlighted.

Check lines separately

If this checkbox is selected, your regular expression will be applied to each new line in the test input.


This table lists all matches of your regular expression in the test input. You can click the matches to locate them in the test input.


This button is only available if you are validating a regular expression in the source code. In this case, the button pastes the validated (or modified) expression back into the original source code location and closes the dialog.


This button closes the dialog.

Last modified: 21 July 2022