ReSharper 2023.2 Help

What's new in ReSharper 2023.2

  • C#12 preview support: primary constructors support for non-record classes and structs.

  • AI Assistant.

  • Predictive debugger.

  • Interactive debugger adornments for intermediate results in LINQ expressions.

  • New code inspections with corresponding quick-fixes to report and fix: redundant nullable directive, return of a variable captured by 'using' statement, return of a task produced by 'using'-captured object, conflict of the discard and a variable named _.

  • New inlay hints in C# for component names of tuples and deconstruction patterns, discard type names, description of warnings disabled or restored with #pragma, implicit return or continue created by a local function at the end of a block.

  • Improved navigation from the var to possible underlying types.

  • Improved support of raw strings (new code inspections, quick-fixes, context actions, and typing assistance)

  • New code inspections and navigation actions in Entity-Framework-related contexts.

  • Ability to generate unit test stubs for classes and to navigate between tests and tested code.

  • Ability to compare two assemblies.

  • New features in C++:

    • Safe Delete refactoring.

    • C++23 support: if consteval, static operator() and operator[], and C++23 standard library modules.

    • C++20 support: [[no_unique_address]] attribute, implementation of C++20 defect report for char8_t, and polished modules support, including recognizing .cppm files as module interfaces and experimental support for modules located outside the project folder.

    • Unreal Engine: performance improvements for indexing Blueprints, smart completion for wrapper types with standard assignment semantics, and support for the UE_INLINE_GENERATED_CPP_BY_NAME macro.

    • New inspections: Redundant dereferencing and taking address, Redundant template arguments, ISO C++ forbids forward enum declarations without underlying type.

    • Improved code completion when the type is restricted by a concept or a trait.

    • Gutter marks for recursive calls.

    • More consistent and straightforward Go to Declaration.

    • Updated bundled clang-tidy and clang-format binaries.

    • Context actions to move a template parameter constraint to the requires-clause and vice versa.

    • Improved compatibility with GCC and Clang compilers and libc++/libstdc++ standard libraries.

Last modified: 03 August 2023