ReSharper 2023.2 Help

Navigate compiled code

A solution is not limited to source code of your projects, it also contains references to libraries that are used in your solution. It is very convenient to have access and opportunity to navigate to symbols from those libraries as if they were a part of your solution. ReSharper provides a built-in decompiler and a lot of features that help you view and navigate through compiled code.

Code presentation of symbols from compiled assemblies depends on the settings, on the availability of PDB information, and on the applied navigation command.

There are two types of navigation commands that target library symbols:

For the second type of commands, you can specify how ReSharper will represent library symbols. When this kind of navigation is performed for the first time, you will see a dialog, suggesting to choose the default navigation action:

Selecting default navigation for library symbols
You can configure the default navigation on the Tools | External Sources page of ReSharper options ( Alt+R, O ).

You can also explore source code of any assembly outside your solution using the Assembly Explorer window. For more information, refer to Explore and decompile assemblies.

Last modified: 05 September 2023