ReSharper 2023.2 Help

ReSharper by Language: TypeScript

ReSharper 2023.2 fully supports TypeScript from v. 1.4 to v. 3.0. ReSharper automatically detects TypeScript version by the <TypeScriptToolsVersion> property in the Visual Studio project file. But you can specify the target TypeScript version explicitly using the TypeScript language level selector on the Code Editing | TypeScript | Inspections page of ReSharper options .

Code inspection and other features analyze TypeScript code in different ways depending on the selected language version.

Descriptions of ReSharper features for TypeScript are grouped in the following topics:

Make ReSharper ignore specific code

To exclude parts of your solution's code from code analysis, navigation, and other features, ReSharper allows you to ignore specific files, folders and file masks in different ways.

To improve performance, ReSharper also automatically detects and starts ignoring large web files that have no references and were probably added to the solution by mistake.

If any of such files are detected, you will see a notification where you can stop ignoring any of those files if you need them. You can also find all automatically ignored files on the Code Editing | Third-Party Code page of ReSharper options .

To stop auto-detection and ignoring large unused web files, clear the Search for web files that can affect performance and exclude them from indexing checkbox on the Code Editing | Third-Party Code page of ReSharper options .

Last modified: 27 March 2023