To view and apply quick-fixes
  1. Click a highlight (error, warning, suggestion, or hint) in the source code, or the corresponding marker in the Marker Bar to show the light bulb.
  2. Click the red
    Image 1: Image 4: or yellow
    Image 2: Image 5: bulb, or press Alt+Enter.
  3. Select the desired quick-fix in the drop-down list of available actions, or select the action using arrow keys and press Enter.
  4. In some cases a quick-fix is applied and the code is updated immediately. If a quick-fix involves direct editing of source code (for example, Change All), the editor turns into special mode, which is indicated by a blue highlight in red frame, and a suggestion list is displayed:

    Image 6:
  5. Select the desired option from the suggestion list and press Enter (to discard changes, press Esc). So doing, ReSharper detects all occurrences of the symbol that are highlighted as errors, and replaces them automatically.