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Code Analysis features are available in: ReSharper Full Edition and ReSharper C# Edition
To view the list of errors found in solution
  • Choose ReSharper | Windows | Solution Errors Window.
  • Right-click the circle indicator in the right corner of the status bar and choose Show Errors View from the drop-down list.
  • Double-click the circle indicator.

Either way, the Errors in Solution window opens where you can view the list of detected errors and navigate to them in code by double-clicking their respective descriptions:
Errors in Solution tool window
Even without opening that window, you can still easily navigate through errors in your solution with ReSharper | Inspect | Next Error in Solution (Alt+F12) and ReSharper | Inspect | Previous Error in Solution (Shift+Alt+F12) commands.


When ReSharper can't locate a file where errors were found, its entry in the Errors in Solution dialog box is marked with a yellow cautionary triangle, as in Solution Explorer.


In addition to viewing errors in solution, you can use the Inspection Results tool window to review all problems (warnings, suggestions, or hints) discovered in your whole solution or in a narrower scope. See Viewing Inspection Results in a Project Or Solution for details.

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