To generate properties
  1. Position the caret within a class where you'd like to generate properties.
  2. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Edit | Generate Code, or press Alt+Insert.
  3. From the Generate pop-up menu, select Properties or Read-only properties.
  4. On the Generate properties or Generate read-only properties page of the Generate wizard, select fields to generate properties for.
    Generate Properties
    Image 1:
  5. Optionally, use the following controls that are applied to all properties at this point (see next step for guidelines on customizing individual properties):
    • Access Rights defines common access rights for generated properties.
    • Read-only defines whether to generate properties as read-only or not. If you choose Automatic, ReSharper will generate only getters for read-only fields, and both getters and setters for any other fields.
    • Virtual (if applicable) adds the virtual modifier to generated properties.
    • Debugger steps through adds the DebuggerStepThrough attribute to getters and setters of generated properties.
    • Copy XML documentation copies XML documentation from fields to properties.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To configure generation options (listed in the previous step) individually for specific fields, click Advanced. You can then select individual fields, or Ctrl-click two or more fields to configure their respective settings in a uniform fashion.
      Generate Properties
      Image 2:
      After finishing this step, click Next, and as soon as the following screen appears, click Finish.
    • Click Finish to complete the wizard.
      For example, if two fields are configured to be accessed with public read-only properties with duplicated XML documentation, and the other two are configured to be accessed with protected virtual read-write properties that debugger should step through, the following code is generated:
      Generate Properties
      Image 3: