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ReSharper extends the default highlighting support of Visual Studio with highlighting for fields, local variables, types, and more, in both C# and VB.NET. In particular, you can easily distinguish between local variables and fields in your code.

To switch ReSharper syntax highlighting on or off
  1. Choose ReSharper | Options to display the ReSharper Options dialog box.
  2. Open the Code Inspection | Settings tab.
  3. Select Color Identifiers to enable ReSharper syntax highlighting or clear the check box to disable this feature.
  4. Click OK.

For guidelines on how to configure fonts and colors for ReSharper syntax highlighting, see Configuring Syntax Highlighting Fonts and Colors .

Default syntax highlighting for C#:
ReSharper syntax highlighting for C#
Default syntax highlighting for VB.NET:
ReSharper syntax highlighting for VB.NET

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