ReSharper Web Help

The following conventions are used in ReSharper Help:

  • Whenever a certain feature or group of features is only available in specific ReSharper editions, a corresponding note is inserted just below the page header:
    Availability of a feature
  • In reference pages, space of a page just under the header is used to provide a path to the user interface item being described. The paths are not necessarily limited to menu paths, but may also include paths through controls within windows and dialog boxes. Take the following case as an example:
    Path to a UI item
    This path should be read as "Open the ReSharper menu, select Options, then, after the ReSharper Options dialog box opens, browse to the Languages section, expand the C# node, expand the Formatting Style subnode, and click Line Breaks and Wrapping."
  • Shortcuts from ReSharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA keyboard layout are used throughout ReSharper Help. See Keyboard Shortcuts for the list of shortcuts provided in Visual Studio keyboard layout.
  • Code samples are in most cases provided in C#. That doesn't necessarily mean that a showcased feature doesn't support other languages. See Supported Languages for details on language support.

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