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ReSharper | Go To | Type Declaration in ReSharper 4.5
ReSharper | Navigate | Type of Symbol in ReSharper 5.0
To navigate to the declaration of a type that a variable, field or another symbol belongs to
  1. Put the caret over a symbol.
  2. On the main menu choose ReSharper | Navigate | Type of Symbol, or press Ctrl+Shift+T.
  3. If the type that the symbol belongs to has more than a single declaration, select one of them from the drop-down list.


    To display the list of found type declarations in the Find Results window, press + on the numeric keypad.

The source file opens and the caret positions at the declaration of a class/struct/enum that specifies the variable/field type or the type returned by the method. If the file with this item is closed, it will open in a new tab. For built-in types, the corresponding item displays in the Object Browser.

Consider the following example:
Go to Declaration
After pressing Ctrl+Shift+T ReSharper opens the class that contains declaration of IProjectFile interface. Note how this behavior differs from that of the Go To Declaration feature.

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