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Locate in Solution Explorer is a handy navigation feature that lets you highlight a corresponding item in Solution Explorer for any file that is currently open in the code editor. It highlights a Solution Explorer item representing the current file with blue, and it auto-scrolls the Solution Explorer, letting you actually see the highlighted item.

It is especially useful when you have a massive solution with tens to thousands of files, or a limited screen area that forces you to shrink the Solution Explorer window to the limit.

To locate a currently opened file in Solution Explorer
  1. Switch to a file that you'd like to locate in Solution Explorer.
  2. Choose ReSharper | Tools | Locate in Solution Explorer, or click Shift+Alt+L. The highlighted item will be displayed in Solution Explorer, scrolled to the visible area:
    Locate in Solution Explorer


Of course, it won't work if a file that is currently open in the code editor is not included into your solution.

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