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The Make Method/Property Non-Static refactoring allows you to convert a static method or property into an instance method or property. All calls, implementations and overrides of the method/property are automatically corrected. Reverse functionality is available with the Make Method/Property Static refactoring.

To make a method or property non-static
  1. Position the caret at the name of a static method or property in the editor:
  2. Choose ReSharper | Refactor | Make Method Non-Static or ReSharper | Refactor | Make Property Non-Static. The Make Method Non-Static wizard will display:
  3. Specify the following options:
    • Select an instance parameter from the list. If required, the instance parameter will be substituted with this in the method/property body.
    • Select visibility for the new instance method/property in the Visibility section.
  4. Click Next. If no conflicts are found, the refactoring is performed immediately:

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