To rename a symbol
  1. Position the caret at the declaration or at a usage of a symbol in the text editor, or select it in another view or tool window.
  2. Choose ReSharper | Refactor | Rename, or press F2. The Rename wizard opens:
    Image 1:
       Controls available in the Rename wizard vary depending on a selected symbol. Local variables are renamed in dialogless mode using a drop-down list where you can select one of suggested names or specify a custom name.
  3. In the Name text box, specify a new name for the symbol.
       ReSharper provides name completion in the Name text box, taking into account your naming style. To invoke name completion in any position on top of the existing name, or in the blank text box, press Ctrl+Space:
    Image 2:
  4. If you want ReSharper to provide the list of related symbols in comments and string literals and possibly rename them, select Search in comments and string literals.
  5. Click Next. In simple cases, ReSharper immediately applies the refactoring. However, before it is completed, ReSharper could display the following additional wizard screens:
    • If there are related symbols that have names containing the string being changed (for example, read and write properties of a field or instances of a class, related file names, or even classes that implement an interface being renamed), the second page provides the list of these:
      Image 3:
      Select related symbols that you want ReSharper to rename along with the selected symbol, and click Next.
    • If you have previously selected Search in comments and string literals, ReSharper displays located usages (if any) in the following screen:
      Image 4:
      Select textual occurrences that you want ReSharper to rename, and click Next. If no conflicts are found, ReSharper will complete the refactoring.