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ReSharper provides special-purpose templates that are not bound to a particular programming language.

Template name Description

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This template has been superseded by a new page in the ReSharper Options dialog box, ReSharper | Options | Languages | Common | Members Generation.

See Members Generation , Generating Code from Usage for details on configuring bodies in generated members.


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Provides the list of items that describe the current context.


This could be useful:

  • In string literals that contain references to the current context, i.e. Logger.LogError("Cannot find action ActionNameDerivedFromContext");
  • As an alternative to code completion where IntelliSense doesn't work properly - for example, in comments when documenting a member with a long name (see example below).

Before expansion
ctx (before)
Expansion options
ctx (expansion)


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Inserts a globally unique identifier.


Before expansion
nguid (before)
After expansion
nguid (after)

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