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Code Analysis features are available in: ReSharper Full Edition and ReSharper C# Edition

Resharper detects errors and problems in C#, XAML, XML, and ASP.NET code. ReSharper inspects code continuously, from opening your solution to closing it and all the way as you type. That means you don't have to compile your code just to find out what compilation errors it contains.

ReSharper highlights errors and problems in your code in a number of ways and provides the necessary tools to instantly fix them .

You can see the exact location of errors and problems in a file using Marker Bar and Status Indicator , and easily navigate between errors and problems in a single file. In addition, you can instantly see which files in your solution contain errors using the Errors in Solution tool window, or browse all code problems in any scope using the Inspection Results tool window.

ReSharper code analysis is enabled by default.

To switch code analysis on or off
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Options.
  2. Choose Code Inspection | Settings in the left pane of the Options dialog box.
  3. Use the Enable code analysis check box to turn code analysis on or off. You can also configure code analysis using other controls in the Settings tab. For details, see Code Inspection Settings .
  4. Click OK.

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