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ReSharper lets you use any code symbols (classes, methods, properties, fields, variables etc.) before you declare them. When ReSharper detects an undeclared symbol, it suggests a quick-fix (for C#) or several context actions (for VB.NET) for generating the corresponding symbol based on the usage, and then smartly adjust the declaration according to the usage context:

For example, if you create a method from usage, ReSharper will not only create a method, but also detect its return type and types of its parameters:

In the body of the generated method, ReSharper is able, depending on your settings, to throw new NotImplementedException(), return default value, or put code that will not compile. Choose ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | Members Generation to select one of these 3 options.

For additional examples of how ReSharper creates code symbols from usages, see Undefined variable and Undefined method call samples in Examples of Quick-Fixes .

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