ReSharper Web Help

ReSharper provides some special highlighting for colors. Any color value is underlined with a respective color, no matter how the color is defined.

When you hover the pointer over the color value, a tooltip appears.

To change color value using Select Color dialog box
  1. Place the caret at the color value supposed to be changed.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select the current value and press Ctrl+Space. Choose a new value and press Enter. A new value will replace the old one.
    • Press Alt+Enter to display the drop-down list that includes available context actions and quick-fixes. Select Pick color from palette from the drop-down list. The Select Color dialog box opens. Define a new value and press OK.

In the Select Color dialog box, you can choose colors using two models: HSB and RGB. If you know the numeric value of the color you want, you can enter it into the appropriate text field. You can use the color slider and the color field to choose a color. As you adjust the color using the color field and color slider, the numeric values are adjusted accordingly. When you select a color in the color box, it simultaneously displays the numeric values for HSB and RGB, and hexadecimal numbers. This is useful for viewing how the different color models describe a color.