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Parameter Information is a tooltip that thoroughly describes all possible method signatures and parameters with relevant documentation when you're working on a method call. As you add new parameters, ReSharper hides all incompatible signatures.

Depending on your settings , this tooltip may or may not appear automatically while you type, but you can at any time display it by pressing Ctrl+P with your caret over method parameters.

To configure how Parameter Information is displayed
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Options.
  2. Select Environment | IntelliSense | Parameter Info.
  3. Configure Parameter Information options using a set of check boxes:
    • Select whether ReSharper should show Parameter Information automatically after you insert an opening parenthesis to specify method parameters, using the Automatically show parameter info in... milliseconds control. You can also configure the delay (in milliseconds) before ReSharper shows Parameter Information in automatic mode, by entering a number in the corresponding spin box.
    • Select Display all signatures at once to let ReSharper show a scrollable list of signatures instead of displaying them one at a time.
    • Select Display delegates in lambda syntax to show Parameter Information for delegates the same way that they are shown for lambda expressions (see Environment Options: IntelliSense: Parameter Info for details).
  4. In the Switch between signatures with area, choose whether you want to scroll through the list of signatures using arrow keys (select Arrow keys), or with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+P / Ctrl+Shift+P (select "Show Parameter Info" (ParameterInfo.Show action)).
To show Parameter Information
  1. In the editor, position the caret within an argument list of a method call (or a new operator, indexer, etc.)
  2. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Edit | Parameter Information, or press Ctrl+P.
    A tooltip will display with a scrollable list of signatures:


    Depending on your settings , you can opt to display all available signatures, or just one signature at a time.
  3. As you continue typing parameters, inapplicable signatures are grayed out.
  4. Use shortcuts (Ctrl+P / Ctrl+Shift+P) or arrow buttons to scroll through the list and display summary for the currently selected signature. Cursor keys are still available to navigate through the source code.


Pressing Tab or Shift+Tab while Parameter Information is shown for a method call lets you navigate between arguments that you are passing.

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