ReSharper Web Help

To configure ReSharper options
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Options.
  2. When the ReSharper Options dialog box opens, select a node in the left pane, and configure settings in the right pane.


    A set of options displayed in the right pane as a result of selecting a node in the left pane is called tab throughout ReSharper Help.
  3. Click Save to apply changes.

When you click Save, you set the same settings for all solutions opened on the current machine. To define different settings for different solutions or store the most useful settings separately, or share them with other team members, you should click Save To and click the corresponding layer.

Click Manage to access the Settings Layers dialog that helps manage settings layers. For more detailed instructions, see Managing and Sharing Options .


See ReSharper Options for details on using the ReSharper Options dialog box.

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