ReSharper Web Help

ReSharper provides two search features with related functionality:

  • Find Code Dependent on Module lets you find dependencies on (or, in other words, incoming references to) a selected project or assembly reference.
  • Find Symbols External to Scope lets you find any outgoing references encountered within a certain scope (which can be as narrow as a method or as large as a project).
To find dependent code
  1. Select a project or assembly reference in Solution Explorer.
  2. Choose ReSharper | Find | Find Code Dependent on Module.
To find referenced code
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select a file, folder, or project in Solution Explorer.
    • Position the caret at a container (method, class, namespace etc.) in the text editor.
    • Position the caret at a container in the editor, press Ctrl+Shift+G, then click Referenced Code in the Navigate To drop-down list.
  2. Choose ReSharper | Find | Find Symbols External to Scope.

Search results for both features are displayed in the Find Results window. If a single usage is found, the caret moves to the corresponding location.

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