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Instead of browsing/navigating through the search results in the Find Results window, you can simply highlight usages in your code and step through discovered occurrences. Note that read and write accesses are highlighted in different colors.

To highlight usages of a symbol in source code
  1. Position the caret at a symbol in the editor.
  2. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Find | Highlight Usages in File or press Ctrl+Shift+F7.
  3. To step though the highlighted usages, press Ctrl+Alt+Up or Ctrl+Alt+Down.
  4. To remove highlighting, press Esc.


You can also highlight usages of namespace symbols and expressions (see ReSharper Horizons: Highlighting Usages of What? for details).

In the following figure, usages of the local variable idx are highlighted.

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