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ReSharper comes with four predefined patterns of to-do items: Todo, Note, Bug, and Not Implemented. You can define your own patterns in the ReSharper Options dialog box. Add to-do items into your source code and navigate between them using To-do Explorer.

To define a to-do item pattern
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Options.
  2. In the ReSharper Options dialog box, select Tools | To-do Items.
  3. In the Patterns section, click Create. You can also edit or clone an existing pattern.
  4. In the Create/Edit Pattern dialog box, specify a pattern name, and type a regular expression that contains a keyword that helps identify items in the source code, for example:
  5. Optionally, specify whether the pattern is case sensitive, and define color scheme and icon to denote the item in the To-do Explorer window. For more information, see To-Do Explorer .
  6. Specify where to search in: comments, strings, identifiers. By default, search is carried out in comments only.
  7. Click OK.
To create a to-do item in the source code
  1. Open a file in the editor.
  2. Create a line comment, and type the item keyword, followed by text.
To navigate between to-do items
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Windows | To-do Items.
  2. In the To-do Explorer window click or to navigate to the next or previous item. The corresponding file opens simultaneously in the editor, with the caret positioned at the to-do item.


To navigate between to-do items in a current file, you can use the Marker Bar, where they're identified by cyan markers. For details, see Marker Bar and Status Indicator .

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