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Safe Delete

One of the important parts of any refactoring is to remove the old code safely. The Safe Delete refactoring is available in Visual Basic and removes not only declarations, but also all references if necessary.

ReSharper also asks whether you want to delete the whole hierarchy of members or just single member.

Make Shared

If a function doesn't use any type members, it can be shared. Luckily there is a necessary refactoring in ReSharper.

ReSharper offers you to choose between adding this parameter to the method signature and leaving it as is.

As a result, the function becomes shared.

Convert Method to Property

This refactoring converts Sub procedures to write-only properties and Function procedures to read-only properties. To convert a Sub procedure to a write-only property, apply the Convert Method to Property refactoring:

Specify a property name or leave it as is, then click Next in the Convert Method To Property dialog box.

If there are no conflicts, refactoring will be applied and all appropriate changes will be made. Otherwise, you should resolve the conflicts or cancel the refactoring.

To convert a Function procedure to a read-only property, also use this refactoring.

Move to Resource

Working with resources in Visual Basic is now available in ReSharper.

Select a string that should be moved, specify a name for a new resource entry, a resource file where it should be moved, change a value or add a comment if necessary.

If ReSharper finds identical items, it prompts you to choose which of them to affect.

After applying the refactoring specified occurrences are replaced with corresponding resource usages.

And a new resource declaration appears in the appropriate .resx file.

Inline Resource

To replace resource usages with its value and remove corresponding resource declarations, apply the Inline Resource refactoring.

By default, all usages and declarations are affected, but if you clear the Inline all usages and Remove inlined resource declaration check boxes, only the current resource usage will be inlined.

Other useful refactorings to work with resources: Move Resource , Rename Resource and Safe Delete Resource .

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