To make a method or property static
  1. Position the caret at the name of a method or property in the editor:
  2. Choose ReSharper | Refactor | Make Method Static or ReSharper | Refactor | Make Property Static. The Make Method Static wizard will display:
  3. Specify the following options:
    • If any class members are referenced in the body of the method, you can add parameter(s) to the new static method signature. You can do either or both of the following:
      • Add 'this' as parameter with name: the current class will be added. Select a name for the parameter from the list of suggestions or specify a custom name.
      • Add parameters for fields: in the list below, select the necessary fields to add them as parameters. Optionally, type in new parameter names in the Parameter Name box for each field.
    • Click Move Up or Move Down to change the order of the new parameters.
  4. Click Continue. If no conflicts are found, the refactoring is performed immediately:
    Otherwise, resolve conflicts.