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Use symbol icons from:
Visual Studio / IntelliJ IDEA

These radio buttons help switch between two sets of symbol icons, one native to Visual Studio and the other to IntelliJ IDEA. You can feel the difference between the two sets by using "Go to" features or viewing Type Hierarchy. See Symbol Icons for a comprehensive list of icons in both sets.


Show tips on startup

When this check box is selected, it allows displaying tips in a separate window during ReSharper startup.

Use cyclic scrolling in lists

If this check box is selected, any time you scroll a drop-down list downwards and the highlight arrives at the last item, the next time you press the down arrow, it is brought back to the top of the list. Similarly, if you scroll a list upwards, you can press the up arrow when the highlight is at the top of the list and the highlight is returned to the bottom item. If this check box is cleared, pressing the up arrow when the highlight is at the top of the list or the down arrow when it's at the last item of the list keeps the highlight intact. This option is provided for the set of navigation features (ReSharper | Navigate) and a number of other features where drop-down lists are used.

Always show error dialog when exception occurs

When this check box is selected, ReSharper notifies the user about exceptions by displaying a dialog box. Otherwise, exception notifications are only visible in the status bar.


Show managed memory usage in status bar

If this check box is selected, the amount of memory used by ReSharper is shown in the rightmost position of the status bar.

Store caches in:
system TEMP folder / solution folder

These radio buttons are used to choose the destination where caches are stored. It can be either the temporary system folder or the solution subfolder.

Clear Caches

Purges the cache.

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