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Item Description

Display completion items in:

  • Visual Studio IntelliSense font
  • Text Editor font

These radio buttons help switch between Visual Studio IntelliSense and Text Editor fonts.

Note that after you change your IntelliSense or Text Editor font in Visual Studio Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors, ReSharper can only match the new font after you restart Visual Studio.

Completion list has [value] rows

Sets max number of rows in completion lists that can be displayed simultaneously.

Show member signatures

This check box determines whether completion list displays with or without member signatures

Show summary

This check box determines whether Parameter Information displays next to the selected item in the completion list.

Filter members by [EditorBrowsable] attribute:

  • Show Normal members only
  • Show Normal and Advanced members

These radio buttons define whether members marked with the attribute System.ComponentModel.EditorBrowsable and assigned with a specific level can be displayed or should be hidden in the completion list.

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