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Item Description

Automatically show completion list in [value] milliseconds after:

  • Letters and digits
  • Dots and other member selectors
  • "new" and other object creation keywords

In this list box, choose the delay before displaying completion list after various groups of symbols.

Include keywords in completion list

Controls whether to include language keywords in completion lists.

Only those that are at least [value] characters long

If Include keywords in completion list is selected, this check box allows setting a lower length bound for keywords included in completion lists.

Narrow down list on typing

Controls whether ReSharper should drop items that do not correspond to a specified prefix when displaying completion lists.

Automatically complete single item with:

  • Symbol completion
  • Smart completion
  • Type completion

This group of options allows or prohibits automatic completion in cases where there's a single possible choice.

Automatically insert common prefix

By selecting this check box, you allow ReSharper to automatically complete common parts of names in the completion list.

Automatically insert parenthesis after completion:

  • Opening only
  • Both opening and closing

This group of options defines how parentheses are created after completing a method.

Match middle of identifiers

If this check box is selected, ReSharper matches letters at any position in the compound word.

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