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By selecting or clearing check boxes in this tab, you can compile the list of context actions that will be available for ASP.NET code. When you highlight the name of a specific context action, you can read its description in the lower part of the tab.

Name Description

Add CodeBehind file

Adds code-behind file.

Add image's dimensions attributes

Adds image's width and height dimension attributes.

Collapse empty tag

Converts from empty opening and closing tags into empty tag.

Convert html entity

Converts html entity from numbered form to named and visa versa.

Convert tag

Converts HTML tag to ASP.NET tag and vice versa.

Create event

Creates event.

Create ObjectDataSource's method

Creates ObjectDataSource's method.

Create property

Creates property.

Expand empty tag

Splits empty tag to opening and closing tags.

Import type

Imports type.

Insert table column after

Inserts table column after current column.

Insert table column before

Inserts table column before current column.

Insert table row after

Inserts table row after current row.

Insert table row before

Inserts table row before current row.

Merge server scripts content

Merges server scripts content.

Move html to resource

Moves selection from .aspx file to resource file.

Move server script content to codebehind

Moves server script content to code-behind file.

Remove CodeBehind file

Removes code-behind file.

Remove directive attribute

Removes directive attribute.

Remove tag

Removes tag and promote its children.

Remove tag attribute

Removes current tag attribute.

Reorder directive attributes

Reorders directive attributes alphabetically.

Reorder tag attributes

Reorders tag attributes alphabetically.

Replace all tags

Replaces all tags with specified name in the file with different tag.

Replace tag

Replaces current tag with different tag.

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